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UNDERSTANDING THE ART MARKET: Value, Pricing & Developing an Art Business in the New Economic Climate

Global Art Market Series 2011, in association with London Business School

ArtInsight, the education partner of art market research firm, ArtTactic, and London Business School Art Connection have the great pleasure of inviting you to participate in a series of exclusive evening seminars & receptions, focused on understanding & analysing the key developments in today’s dynamic global art market.

Each seminar will include in-depth talks & panel discussions, focused on providing insider knowledge & essential analytical tools in each key subject area. Speakers will include leading art market analysts and experts from all facets of the art market, including; art market & auction house experts, gallerists, consultants, art investment professionals, writers & journalists.

Key speakers:

  • Joe La Placa, CEO, All Visual Arts
  • Julie Lomax, Head of Visual Arts, Arts Council England (ACE)
  • Sigrid Wilkinson, Director, Arts Co
  • Jeffrey Boloten, Managing Director, ArtInsight (Panel Moderator)

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